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All About the Shop

At Lydia’s Clothes Closet, we provide a broad assortment of ever-changing inventory. The only thing that remains the same is our low prices. Completely staffed by volunteers, we are happy to assist you as you shop and when you drop off your donations.

We feature merchandise that boasts the perfect blend of good taste, quality and functionality. Our exclusive inventory is attractive on many levels: our buyers experience exciting finds and bargains.

Your experience at Lydia's will be wonderful.  We strive to eliminate musty smells, by washing clothes as needed.  We have organized the shop to help you find merchandise you may need or want and we place price tags on most of our items.  If there is not a price tag, pricing of the items is easily seen in our display.

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Exclusive Products

Lydia’s Clothes Closet specializes in hand-selected top-quality and tasteful  home goods, and clothing. Our inventory features second-hand items from well-known brand names and manufacturers — all at affordable prices that can’t be matched elsewhere. Come and shop now for real value!


Clothing for the Entire Family

At Lydia’s Clothes Closet, we offer a wide selection of attractive, clothing at affordable prices. Our quality inventory is changing constantly. With new trendy merchandise arriving regularly, our level of variety of Clothing is unparalleled. Don’t miss out on good taste and affordable style!


Home Goods

Lydia’s Clothes Closet offers an appealing selection of second-hand, brand-name Home Goods. Whether you’re into following the latest trends or want to start your own, we’ve got what you’re looking for — and at great prices. Check out our hand-selected merchandise today and get more for your money.



To complement any outfit, we have a nice selection of jewelry, handbags, shoes and scarves.  All are offered at guilt-free prices, so pick up more than one!

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