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Partnering with the Community

As a 503(c)3 non-profit organization, our sales cover all operating costs and our profits allow us to partner with other community organizations to meet the needs of individuals. A board of local residents oversees operations and makes decisions on where profits would best support the community. 

The Lydia team also provides goods to those in need.

2020 Results

  • Provided donations, totaling $7,000 to the following organizations within Strasburg and Shenandoah County:

    • Strasburg Public School's Free Lunch Program

    • Strasburg's relief fund that helps the homeless.

    • Family Promise of Shenandoah County

    • Response, Inc

    • Free Clinic of Shenandoah County

    • Shenandoah County Pregnancy Center

  • Donated clothing to Froggy's Closet, Blue Ridge Hospice Thrift Shop, the Salvation Army and Goodwill.

Partnering with Community: Welcome

2019 Results

  • Provided $3,700 in clothing and goods to those who are helped through our local food pantry, Compassion Cupboard.

  • Gave a donation to Family Promise of Shenandoah County.

  • Provided 250 items of clothing to a local resident who took them to victims of Hurricanes Michael and Florence.

  • Provided suits to students of Handley High School.

  • Provided clothing to migrant workers who picked apples in Frederick County.

  • Bought gifts for four children over the holiday season.

  • Provided clothing to a family that lost everything in a fire.

  • Provided clothing to Froggy's Closet, Goodwill and the Salvation Army.

Partnering with Community: About

2018 Results

  • Donated over $2,500 worth of clothing and household items in the form of voucher to those who are supported through Strasburg's local food panty, Compassion Cupboard.

  • Provided over 1,000 items of clothing to a local resident who took them to victims of Hurricanes Florence and Michael.

  • Adopted a family, of five  taking refuge with Response, Inc, a local shelter, for the holidays.

  • Provided ties to a local grou  who use them to tie up sleeping bags they made for the homeless.

  • Provided men's business clothes to John Handley High School, helping students prepare for job interviews.

  • Continued our sponsorship of Family Promise.

  • Helped a family that lost everything in a fire.

  • Provided groceries to a senior citizen, through a local program sponsored by social services.

  • Donated extra clothing to Blue Ridge Hospice Thrift Shop and Goodwill.

Partnering with Community: About
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